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Indian Food Dinner and Lunch Buffet Menu

Many of our items are Gluten-Free and Vegan
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Tangri Kebab, 10.00
Chicken drumsticks mildly spiced, grilled on charcoal.

Vegetable Samosa, 5.00
Crisp patties stuffed with spiced potatoes and green peas.

Lamb Samosa, 7.00
Crisp patties stuffed with lamb and peas.

Vegetable Pakora, 5.00
Mixed vegetable fritters.

Crab Cake, 10.00
Crab cake with Indian spices.

Onion Bhaji, 5.00
Chick pea patty stuffed with onions and spices.

Palace Calamari, 10.00
Flash fried calamari served with crushed coriander accompanied with crispy spinach.

Paneer Pakora, 6.00
Hand-made cottage cheese coated with chick pea flour.

Chili Chicken, 12.00
Chicken made Indo-Chinese style.

Paneer Tikka, 10.00
Marinated grilled Paneer (cheese) with Indian spices.
  Assorted Appetizers, 12.00
A fine representation of our choice appetizers, veg and non-veg, recommended for two

Dhai Papri, 6.00
Shallow fried chick pea flour cake with spicy chick peas and chutneys.

Aloo Tikki, 6.00
Crispy fried potatoes in jacket, topped with sweet yogurt and tamarind chutney.

Tandoori Assorted, 12.00
Combination of chicken tikka, sheekh kebab and tangri kebab.

Papad, 2.00
Crispy lentil wafers.

Chili Prawns, 14.00
Prawns sauteed with hot chili peppers and onions.

Chili Paneer, 10.00
Paneer sauteed with hot chili pepper and onions.

Chicken 65, 12.00
South Indian specialty with lots of spices.

Curried Mussels, 14.00
Chef special recipe with garlic naan.
Soups and Salads
Mulligatwany Soup, 5.00
Delicately spiced lentil soup garnished with rice and chicken.

Madras Soup, 5.00
Coconut tomato soup with a dash of Indian spice.

Lentil Soup, 4.00
Delicately spiced lentil soup.
  House Salad, 5.00
Mixed green salad with tomatoes and cottage cheese with a choice of dressing.

Kachumber Salad, 5.00
Cucumber, tomatoes and green peppers with tangy spices and lemon juice.

Raita, 4.00
Cool whisked yogurt, cucumber, potatoes and mint.
Fresh Indian Breads
Tandoori Roti, 3.00
Unleavened whole wheat bread baked in the tandoor.

Paneer Basil Kulcha, 5.00
Leavened bread stuffed with paneer and other spices.

Naan, 3.00
Leavened white bread baked in the tandoor.

Palace Naan, 4.00
Leavened bread with nuts and raisins.

Paratha, 4.00
Buttered and layered whole wheat bread.

Keema Naan, 5.00
Leavened bread stuffed with mildly spiced ground lamb.

Cherry Naan, 4.00
Leavened bread stuffed with cherries.

Habanero Naan, 5.00
Leavened bread stuffed with habanero, onions, spices.
  Aloo Paratha, 4.00
Whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes and peas.

Pudina Paratha, 4.00
Leavened bread stuffed with fresh mint with onions.

Onion Kulcha, 4.00
Leavened bread stuffed with onion and spices.

Puri, 400
Whole wheat puffed bread, deep fried.

Garlic Naan, 4.00
Leavened bread stuffed with garlic.

Quesadilla Naan, 5.00
Leavened bread stuffed with cheese.

Chicken Naan, 5.00
Leavened bread stuffed with chicken and onions.
Tandoori Chicken, 14.00
Chicken marinated in yogurt, garlic and very mild spices.

Fish Bahar, 22.00
8oz coriander/fennel crusted salmon with Indian spices, grilled in tandoor to perfection accompanied with rice and pan seared vegetables.

Tandoori Prawns, 20.00
Jumbo prawns marinated in spices and roasted.

Sheekh Kebab, 18.00
Ground lamb blended with special spices and herbs cooked on skewer.

Trio Chicken Kebab, 18.00
Three kinds of kebabs-green, yellow, and red served with curried rice and fresh vegetables.
  Palace Special Mixed Grill, 22.00
Combination of all tandoori specialties, definitely recommended.

Chicken Tikka, 18.00
Boneless succulent chicken gently broiled.

Paneer Tikka, 16.00
Paneer (homemade cheese) marinated in spices.

Reshmi Kebab, 18.00
Boneless chicken marinated in chef's secret recipe and barbecued.

Lamb Chop Hariyali, 26.00
Tandoori grilled lamb chops accompanied with cooked semolina, sauteed cumin potatoes and baby carrots with crispy fried spinach and cilantro based curry sauce on the side.
Palace Recommendations
The Maharaja's Feast, 26.00
Kachumber salad, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, tandoori prawn followed by prawn masala, navratten curry, pillau rice and onion kulcha.

The Maharani's Feast, 26.00
Soup or salad, a shekh kebab, chicken tikka, reshmi kebab, lamb curry followed by saag paneer, pillau rice and naan bread.

The Vegetable Bhojan, 24.00
Vegetable samosa, dal maharani, saag paneer, malai kofta, pillau rice, raita, and kheer.

Chicken Curry, 17.00
Boneless chicken cooked with exotic curry sauce.

Chicken Jalferzi, 17.00
Tender chicken pieces marinated with fresh ground spices and sauteed with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers.

Chicken Pepper Fry, 17.00
Tender pieces of chicken marinated in black pepper and fresh spices.

Garlic Chicken, 17.00
Dish for garlic lovers.

Chicken Tikka Masala, 17.00
Diced tandoori chicken cooked with tomato and herb sauce.

Chicken Balti, 17.00
Tender cubes of chicken cooked in balti sauce.

Chicken Vindaloo, 17.00
Extra spiced chicken cooked with tomatoes in tangy lightly spiced sauce. Extra hot.

Kadhai Chicken, 17.00
Chicken sauteed with onions, fresh tomatoes and chilies in a thick sauce prepared in Indian wok.

Chicken Tikka Madras, 17.00
Tender pieces of chicken sauteed with potatoes and chiles. Hot and spicy.

Chili Chicken, 17.00
Chicken cooked with chili peppers.

Chicken with Mango, 17.00
Diced chicken cooked with onion and mango sauce.

Chicken Shahi Korma, 17.00
Boneless chicken cooked in almond and cream sauce and fruits.

Chicken Saagwala, 17.00
Chicken cooked with creamed spinach and touch of curry sauce.

Chicken Green Curry, 17.00
Diced chicken cooked with chicken cilantro curry sauce.

Chicken Coconut Curry, 17.00
Chicken cooked with mustard seeds, curry leaves and coconut.

Lamb Curry, 18.00
Lamb cubes cooked in a blend of curry sauce.

Lamb Phall, 18.00
Extra, extra hot.

Lamb Masala, 18.00
Tender pieces of barbecued lamb simmered in a piquant sauce with tomatoes and herb sauce.

Lamb Shahi Korma, 18.00
Lamb cooked in almond and cream sauce.

Balti Lamb, 18.00
Lamb cooked in Balti rice.

Saag Gosht, 18.00
Lamb cooked with creamed spinach and touch of curry sauce.
  Dal Gosht, 18.00
Extra spiced lamb cooked with yellow lentils and fresh coriander.

Lamb Vindaloo, 18.00
Extra spiced lamb cooked with potatoes in a tangy, highly spiced sauce.

Goat Curry, 18.00
North Indian specialty.

Lamb Bahuna, 18.00
Lamb cooked in onion and hot green chili peppers in a touch of curry sauce.

Leg of Lamb, 22.00

Braised lamb shank with onions and fresh mushrooms.

Lamb Chop Masala, 26.00

Lamb cooked in tomatoes, onion and spices.

Beef Curry, 18.00
A heavenly curry made according to authentic jaipur style.

Beef Jalferzi, 18.00
Succulent beef gently sauteed with tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and a touch of classic curry sauce.

Beef Shahi, 18.00
Cubes of beef cooked in a cream and almond sauce. Rich and mild.
  Beef Masala, 18.00
Beef cooked with tomatoes and herb sauce.

Beef Vindaloo, 18.00
Extra hot and spiced beef cooked with potatoes in a tangy, sharp sauce.

Balti Beef, 18.00
Beef cooked in Balti sauce.
Tandoori Prawn Masala, 19.00
Tandoori prawn cooked with tomato and herb sauce.

Seafood Bhuna, 19.00
Prawn, fish and scallops sauteed with chilies, peppers and onions. A hot and spicy treat.

Bombay Prawn Curry, 19.00
A classic spiced dish.

Fish Curry, 19.00
Our chef's secret recipe.

Shrimp Vindaloo, 19.00
Extra hot shrimp cooked with potatoes in a tangy, highly spiced sauce.

Salmon Masala Goa, 19.00
Fish cooked in tomato and coconut herb sauce.
  Chilli Prawns, 19.00
Prawns sauteed with hot chili peppers and onions.

Fish Madras, 19.00
Mahi-Mahi fish with potatoes in a tangy, highly spiced sauce.

Fish Masala, 19.00
Fish cubes cooked in a tomato and herb sauce.

Shrimp & Fish Balti, 19.00
Fresh shrimp and mahi mahi cooked in balti sauce.

Salmon Saagwala, 19.00
Fish cooked with creamed spinach and touch of curry sauce.

Rice & Biryani
Palace Biryani
Basmati rice in a masterful blend of spices, garnished with nuts and raisins served with raita.
Lamb, 19.00

Goat, 19.00
Chicken, 18.00
Shrimp, 20.00
Vegetable, 15.00
  Palace Special Pillau, 8.00
Basmati rice sauteed with peas, fruits, nuts and homemade cheese.

Turmeric Pillau Rice, 4.00
Rice cooked with turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon and bay leaves.
Bombay Potato, 12.00
Hot and spicy potatoes cooked with mustard seeds and spices.

Aloo Bengan, 12.00
Eggplant and potatoes sauteed in onions and tomatoes with a touch of curry sauce.

Navratten Korma, 14.00
Assortment of vegetables cooked with almonds and cream sauce.

Mushroom Matter, 13.00
Mushrooms and green peas sauteed with brown onions and tomatoes.

Palak Paneer, 14.00
Tender chunks of fresh homemade cheese in creamed spinach.

Matter Paneer, 14.00
Fresh garden peas cooked with our homemade cheese and curry sauce.

Channa Dal, 12.00
Yellow lentils with spices.

Baigan Bhurta, 13.00
Eggplant puree sauteed with fresh onion, tomatoes, ginger and spices.

Dal Maharani, 12.00
Black lentils with spices.

Bhindi Do Pyaza, 13.00
Okra cooked with diced onions and spices.
  Aloo Gobi, 13.00
Potatoes and cauliflower cooked in a medium hot, spicy sauce.

Kadhai Paneer, 14.00
Homemade cheese, sauteed onions, fresh tomatoes and chili cooked in Indian wok.

Nawabi Kofta, 14.00
Spinach stuffed with dry fruits and nuts, cooked in masala sauce.

Kadhai Pakora Punjabi, 12.00
Dumpling of mixed vegetables, cooked in chickpea flour, yogurt and mustard seeds - tangy.

Malai Kofta Kashmiri, 14.00
Dumpling of fresh vegetables and cheese cooked in a mild almond and cream sauce.

Paneer Masala, 14.00
Homemade cheese cooked in a tomato and herb sauce.

Mixed Vegetable Curry, 13.00
Fresh vegetables cooked with curry sauce.

Saag Channa, 13.00
Spinach cooked with chickpeas.

Channa Balti, 12.00
Chick peas, potatoes and onions. Spicy.

Chili Paneer, 14.00
Paneer sauteed with hot chili peppers and onions.

Sarson Da-Saag, 13.00
Fresh mustard greens! Northern Indian specialty.
Children's Menu
Grilled Chicken Kebab, 5.95
Served with fries, fresh fruits, soft drink
  Grilled Cheese, 5.95
Served with fries, fresh fruits, soft drink
Palace Desserts
Kheer Badami, 5.00
Traditional Indian rice pudding, made with raisins and nuts.

Palace Mango Sundae, 5.00

Gulab Jamun, 5.00
Sweet pastry ball served warm in a honey-flavored syrup.

Ice Cream, 1.95

Mango Kulfi, 5.00
Indian ice cream with mango and cardamons.

Pistachio Kulfi, 5.00
Indian ice cream with pistachios and cardamons.
  Chocolate Mango Pudding, 5.00

Mango Custard, 5.00

Rasmalai Bangali, 5.00
Patties of fresh homemade cheese in sweetened milk, served cold with pistachios. Delicious.

Chocolate Cake, 5.00
3 layered dark chocolate cake.
Mango Pickle, 2.00
Sweet Mango Chutney, 2.00
Lime Pickle, 2.00
Mango Lassi, 4.00

Lassi, 4.00
A refreshing yogurt drink. Sweet or salted.

Darjeeling Tea, 2.50
Iced or hot.

Indian Masala (Spiced) Tea, 4.00

To see our list of alcoholic drinks, click here.

  Chai, 4.00
Indian tea with milk and spices (one pot per person.)

Coffee, 2.50

Espresso, 4.00

Cappuccino, 4.00

Mango Juice, 3.50

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